domenica 22 agosto 2010

Maya Hair - SpiderWeb

Hi there,
this video explains how works my last python script.
Starting by a vertex and edges selection, the script create a full dynamic spider web using two hairSystem.
It's possible to skin the main loft so to achieve more animation control and apply maya hair paintEffects so to render the web as you want.
I hope you like it.

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Mathieu.Frossard ha detto...

Hi, very good work guy but would you explain better how you can get this best collision with this two Hair system ?

I create my own spiderweb curve to for a personal scene but i con't get o good contact collision.

I appreciated for a answer.

Best regard

Giorgio Lafratta ha detto...

Sorry for the delay.
The two objects do not collide among themselves.
Each curve of the second object is built on each curve of the first object and forced through "pointCurveConstraint" on the dynamic curves of the first object. Is complex to explain.
If you're still interested I can send you a sample file.

Mathieu.Frossard ha detto...

Yes it can be very help full to me.

Thank you so mutch.

Anonimo ha detto...

wow, that looks great!
Is there any possibility to download the script?

Thank you!


Giorgio Lafratta ha detto...

Hi Simon if you're interested I can send you a sample file via email.

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